BP-500R | ProLink remote belt pack


The BP-500R is the remote belt pack for the Anchor Audio ProLink 500 wireless intercom system and operates on the FCC license free 902 - 928 MHz frequency range. The ProLink 500 has the capability to transmit up to 500 ft. line of sight and allows communication through walls and glass.

The BP-500R has an A/B channel selection that allows the user to operate on either channel. No more than four users can communicate on one channel simultaneously. Rechargeable AA batteries power the beltpack, which operates 10 - 12 on a single charge. A gang charger (GC-500) that charges up to four belt packs can be purchased separately.

The belt pack has a heavy-duty 4-pin XLR connector for the headset.

The BP-500R can be used with the following headsets:

  • H-2000
  • H-2000S
  • H-2000LT

The BP-500R has a two year warranty.