Anchor Audio Portable Sound Systems Provide the Solution for a Variety of Audio Needs at Calavera Hills Middle School

Anchor Audio Portable Sound Systems Provide the Solution for a Variety of Audio Needs at Calavera Hills Middle School

One Sound System. A Variety of Possibilities. 

How this Middle School used a Portable PA to Solve All of Their Sound Needs

Executive Summary

Calavera Hills Middle School found themselves with an unreliable installed sound system in their gym. Not only difficult to move around for use in other venues at the school, but audiences could not hear the announcements clearly. They decided to get an alternate system powerful enough to work in the gym that could also be transported to the various venues on campus that occasionally needed sound – the field, the cafeteria, the library, etc. The system needed to be easily portable, easy to use, rugged, and preferably cordless. After much research and getting to demo the sound system for themselves, the Anchor Audio Bigfoot Line Array was everything they wanted and more.


About Calavera Hills Middle School

Located in Carlsbad, California, Calavera Hills Middle School is a community of students, families, teachers and staff who are dedicated to providing a caring and safe environment in which students can pursue opportunities for greatness and growth. Their mission is a student-centered learning community powered by meaningful, relevant and rigorous content. Critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity is used to teach college and career skills to their students. Calavera Hills Middle School has been named a California Distinguished School and received the California Golden Ribbon Schools Award in 2017. In addition, they have also been named a California and National Middle School to Watch by the National Forum to Accelerate Middle Grades Reform.

Helping Calavera Hills Middle School Find a Solution


  • Reliable quality sound
  • Rugged and portable for easy transport to different venues
  • Easy to use by any staff or student
  • Cordless for use indoors and outdoors


After consulting several sound specialists, talking to other schools, and searching the internet, Calavera Hills ultimately learned of the Anchor Audio Bigfoot through a board member who did Jazzercise. In order to truly determine if the Bigfoot Line Array portable sound system and Liberty AIR wireless companion speaker was the best solution for their needs, Calavera Hills worked with Anchor Audio and authorized dealer, AVNow, to set up a live demo at their Memorial Day assembly. The event began in the gym then proceeded to their field where students had the unique opportunity to observe two military helicopters landing on their athletic field. Communication was crucial in order to keep students, staff, and visitors safe and out of harm’s way during the helicopter landings. According to Valerie Madden, former PTA president, “we found its [the Bigfoot and Liberty] sound quality even better and clearer than our large built-in system. It was quick and simple to set up, students were able to operate it, and we were able to rapidly move it to a different part of the school to continue our assembly outdoors where we also found the sound quality to be excellent.” Not only could they wirelessly connect music using the built-in Bluetooth, but they had the ability to have up to four wireless microphones. With high approval and praise from the Principal, PTA members, choir director, theater director, and other staff, Calavera Hills knew they found the best portable sound solution for their school.


Just two days after placing the order and receiving their Bigfoot, Calavera Hills Middle School was rockin’ and rollin’ with their brand new portable sound system at their talent show. The team rolled the Bigfoot into the gym, opened it up for the first time, easily connected their Liberty AIR wireless companion speaker, pressed a few buttons, and were up and running. “It was so clear and easy! I trained the student body president, choir director and ASB teacher in a matter of minutes based only on what I learned during the demo Anchor gave us before purchase,” stated Madden. The school continues to use the Bigfoot public address system at its various school functions including assemblies, awards ceremonies, graduations and promotions, and other indoor and outdoor events.

Results & Review

The team at Calavera Hills Middle School is extremely satisfied with their Anchor Audio Bigfoot Line Array and Liberty AIR portable sound systems. “The customer service is spectacular! Also want to stress again that the compact design and ease of use is a huge plus in a school setting allowing us to use it in all areas of the school and feel assured that whether it is staff, students or parents using the system they will be successful and do no harm to the equipment,” said Madden. They are already discussing adding more Anchor AIR wireless companion speakers to expand their system coverage. Calavera Hills is happy to share their recommendation with other schools looking for a quality, portable public address system.

“The Bigfoot met all of our needs: very simple to use, portable, rugged, wireless/ cordless, expandable to fit future needs. We are extremely satisfied! It has given us everything we wanted.”
- Valerie Madden, Former PTA President

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