Sound Heard Throughout the City

Sound Heard Throughout the City


From speaking at ribbon cutting ceremonies to ground breakings, the City of Miami Beach officials found themselves in need of a new, more portable, sound system for these speaking engagements at various locations. The rugged design, combined with its portability and sound coverage, made the Anchor Audio Bigfoot Line Array the perfect solution to their audio needs.


Miami Beach is a beautiful, 7.1 square mile island city off the east coast of Florida. It’s beaches, parks, golf courses, dining and nightlife entertain international visitors and residents alike. With several different city government departments, Miami Beach holds frequent events, ceremonies, and presentations throughout the community with varying audience sizes.


After shopping for new sound system options, the City of Miami Beach found that the Anchor Audio Bigfoot sound system offered everything they were looking for: an all-in-one sound system at a good price. Pierre Joseph, Visual Communications Manager for the City of Miami Beach, especially loved the quality of the speaker and different features/options available. An all-in-one speaker combined with great customer service ultimately lead to the purchase of the Bigfoot.

Joseph was happy to report that “the implementation process went off without a hitch.” Once the City was up and running with their new Bigfoot sound system, they were able to retire the smaller, hard wired speaker system they had been using. Because the City needs a sound system for indoor, outdoor, small and large events both with and without easy access to power, the battery power, portability, and ability to connect four microphones “makes [the Bigfoot] essential to any organization in need of a speaker system.” The City of Miami Beach found that the wireless handheld microphone and hands-free belt pack with a lavalier mic element are the best options for them to have multiple presenters at once without interruption.


The City of Miami Beach has had their Bigfoot sound system for two years now and are very happy with their purchase. Joseph would “most definitely” recommend the Bigfoot, emphasizing that it is a “solid piece of machinery.” Miami Beach is thankful they have found a complete sound system that has performed to meet all of their event audio needs.

“Anchor Audio’s Bigfoot is durable with the ability to set up anywhere – in one big, but containable, package.”

– Pierre Joseph, Visual Communications Manager City of Miami Beach

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