COM-40FC | PortaCom Four User Package (No Cables)


The Anchor Audio PortaCom Four User Package (No Cables) includes four BP-2000, choice of four headsets, PC-2000, and sturdy cardboard carrying case.

The PortaCom Wired Intercom Package (COM-40FC) is for four users and comes with an easy to use and durable wired intercom. It includes the power console, four belt packs, and four lightweight headsets -- your choice of dual or single muff. It gives you two channels without sacrificing power or quality, and it's expandable, portable, or rack mountable. The package comes in a sturdy cardboard carrying case. It is AC operable. Up to 20 headsets can be used with the system - sold separately.

It is ideal for the theater, local cable studio, church setting, or high school football coach.

NOTE: This package does NOT include the cables.